A Trap Back Fired? Part 3

Starring Star as Whisper & Chrissy Daniels as CountessaIt seems getting Whisper out of the country has proven harder then Countessa expected. The heroines of the League have been combing the city looking or Whisper. So after several weeks of just sitting hogtied and gagged, poor Whisper was in bad shape. Countessa had been with holding food and water, keeping the young heroine down. She would come in and tease Whisper with the water. Even leaving it where she could see it but not get to it. But Whisper was patient. She conserved her strength. She knew she could eventually get loose.Finally, Whisper got loose. She crawled for the water bottle that Countessa had left in the room. The temptation to gulp it down was strong. But Whisper nursed it. She drank it slowly not wanting to make herself sick. Then slowly she got some strength back. Whisper gathered up what was left of her costume and plotted her next move. Countessa came on no particular schedule. This had made it tough for Whisper to predict when she came and went. So Whisper decided upon an ambush. Countessa would have her guard down when she came in and that would be her undoing. Now Whisper just had to sit back and wait…THE END

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