Christina Carter’s Wonder Woman Downfall

Wonder Woman’s Downfall staring Christina Carter as Wonder Woman and Randy Moore as the Nylon Viper.Back-story; 10-years ago, Nylon Viper was hired by the KGB to infiltrate the Pentagon and retrieve vital US military information. Wonder Woman intervened and thwart Vipers plan. The Nylon Viper was subsequently interrogated, prosecuted and placed behind bars in the US. As a result, the Nylon Viper lost everything close to her and her life crumbled.Consumed with a deep hatred for Wonder Woman, Nylon Viper has been working closely with criminals over the last 2-years to end the super-heroine’s reign. A fortnight back, the Viper initiated the plan and sets off a crime wave in the city. Whilst Wonder Womans been busy battling with the criminals, Nylon Vipers escaped from prison and lays in wait for the final showdown…Wonder Woman’s Downfall is that showdown.Clip contains: Female fighting, hand over mouth, costume play, foot fetish, foot worship, pantyhose fetish, nylon encasement, girl-girl sex, strap-on dildo and more.

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