The American Protector is honing her skill & body with yoga. The Chief calls to remind her she has to guard a money shipment from the U.S. Mint. She gets up to get ready but the room fills with K O gas. The Gasser comes in , fondles her then carries her OTS to the bedroom. She is hogtied. She wakes & smells a rat, she is sure its the Gasser. She starts to get her costume on but the Gasser puts her o u t. Now, she’s helpless & ready for a massage. A MASSAGE? Wait…thats not ordinary lotion…ITS MIND CONTROL LOTION! The Gasser massages it into her tits & stomach, than he turns her over & massages it into her ass & back muscles. She wakes & is totally in his control. He tells her to get dressed in her costume. He tells her she will steal the U.S. Mint shipment & bring the money back to him. SHE AGREES?….WHAT? The Gasser laughs, his puppet will obey. Our Heroine acts robotic, only wanting to serve her Master!!!!

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