[HD] Birth of Shade-Ra

Mumm-Ra vows revenge on the Thundercats for banishing him to space. He harnesses the power of the bat to turn himself into an energy bat, which flies to earth and attacks Shadestar in her home. After a brief battle, the bat flashes a bright light to stun Shadestar then infuses itself into her mask, and covers her eyes to begin corrupting her mind. Mumm-Ra reappears and takes Shadestar to his pyramid in space. Shadestar wakes and doesnt know where she is. She runs through the halls until she finds Mumm-Ra, and demands he release her. He laughs and activates the mind control, forcing her to drink a potion infused with the power of the snake, planning for it to take her over and transform her into the Villainess Shade-Ra! Once it fills her mind, Mumm-Ra takes her to a bed and lays her down and massages the snake oil into her feet and her back. The evil power absorbs into her so completely that she can no longer fight it. She struggles to resist the transformation, but the evil is too great, and in a flash of light she transforms into the Demoness Shade-Ra! Hissssssssssss

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