How to Catch an Alien

Onyxx and Saphyra have landed on earth seeking out gems. Unfortunately, they crash their ship in the woods and are forced to trample through the forest to the nearest house. Luckily, they are wearing full-body spandex catsuits and thigh high suede boots, with gloves After coming up to an arbor of sorts and fighting over what turns out to be fake stones in terra cotta, they head towards the home.They make their way into the garage and start snooping, but go to leave and find that the door has locked behind them, trapping them. Tired and hungry from a hard decades travel through space and all, the two plop down on a trunk and munch on a bag of crackers they found. Soundly, they don’t feel too well and soon, both drift off to sleep. When they awaken, they are bound back to back in chairs and have to pool resources to figure out an escape! Will they make it or will they be trapped there forever?!

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