Kendra James with Christina Carter: Batwoman and the cats meow! pt1

After hearing of a recent break in by Catwoman, Wonder Woman tracks down the devious feline to her hide out. Once in the felonious felines lair the super amazon makes short change of the cats pussy henchmen only to find the mangy cats throne room empty. Or is it? The all too familiar voice of the master cat burglar is heard over the intercom informing the now trapped Wonder woman that she is oh so very close to the gas she has been looking for so close she can even smell it! The room fills with the mind altering fumes bringing the Amazonian hero to her knees! This video has something for those looking for Kendra James, Christina Carter, Diana Knight, Chrissy Daniels, Batwoman, Wonder Woman, knock out gas, girls, fighting, s.h.i.p,peril,costumes, dressing in costume,special efx,

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