MIGHTY SEKHMET – Break-In At Stargirl’s

Sekhmet and hurling her to the ground, Sekhmet tickles the thief’s tiny toes and makes her giggle and squeal with delight. Snagging her in the same black nylon restraints from earlier, there is nothing that Taylor can do to free herself from the strap-bondage predicament she finds herself in. Grabbing a nearby vibrator and subsequently vibing the cowardly thief until she starts to become juicy-wet, Sekhmet tears through the thin suntan-colored pantyhose with ease and quickly applies a kerchief-gag to Taylor’s face. Protesting to the best of her ability, the thief tries to squirm out but only manages to free up one of her ankles by the time the dildo comes out to violate her pussy.This clip is for lovers of forced orgasms, vibrator play, dildos, pantyhose that are torn and ripped by force, kerchief gags with plenty of gagspeak, nylon strap restraint, jiggling asses and peacock-styled ‘derriere’ in the air antics. This clip also has foot smothering, crying/sobbing, and fingering fetish. This is one video you will not want to miss!

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