Silver Sparrow – Curse Of The Shadow – 320×240 ipod version

Silver Sparrow’s domination of the evil villain, the Shadow, finally comes to an end when the nano pod that has been inserted in her, allows the villain to gain complete control of her mind. As she cockily enters to take the villain, who has escaped from prison, back to justice, he activates the nano pod and she is instantly controlled. For his amusement, he makes her do a series of provocative and undignified exercises – making her stretch and thrust her skin tight clad body in every way imaginable as she can do nothing but comply. He bores of this and forces her to seductively dance for him, before freezing her – and entering to begin a brutal beat down of her pussy. Cunt bust after cunt bust he slams her crotch over and over, pounding the poor superheroines genitals mercilessly. He then grabs a hold of her vagina which protrudes through her skin tight suit which is so tight that it forms an unimaginable camel toe. The villain takes delight in how her tights separate her juicy labia which now has fully soaked through her uniform thanks to his fondling of her. The embarrasing wet spot has stained her tights and now he takes full enjoyment in watching her writhe on the ground in pain as he turns the nano pod to torture. Mind Control, Cunt Busting, Camel Toes, Pussy Fondling and more in this exciting adventure.

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