Silver Sparrow – Curse Of The Shadow Part 2

In this erotic and graphic conclusion to the curse of the shadow, Silver Sparrow who has been subdued and tortured by the Shadow – endures an even more sadistic and brutal beat down. She is lifted off the ground in her skin tight, camel toe’d spandex uniform and pummeled over and over with ruthless belly punches and blows to the head. She is choked and then physically worked over by the villain, her legs spread apart and nearly split in two as amazing camera works zooms in on her camel toe crotch – the villain noticing and taking full advantage, fondling her clearly visible vagina and making fun of her suit. Her legs are spread apart, behind her head and every which way before being placed into a contortion like inverted bear hug exposing her tightly packed pussy inside her silver tights. Then the villain decides to take it to the ultimate humiliation and begins to masturbate the heroine who is too weak to resist. Her tights begin to get wetter and wetter – until her entire crotch is soaked through and she begins to explode in an incredible orgasm as the cameras continue to roll to capture her humiliation. If you are a fan of forced orgasms, camel toes, superheroines, mixed wrestling, belly punching and all the action you see in the preview pics, Curse of the Shadow part 2 is a great video to download.

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