THE ORIGINAL MPG FILE IS A BIG FILE, SO IF YOU WANT THAT FILE, PLEASE EMAIL ME DIRECT AND I WILL SEND IT. Wonder Tomi is flying right by her jet, Wonder Tomi doesn’t seem to notice but when she gets to her destination, Super Gurl is already there dealing the with burglar. Wonder Tomi and her get in an argument about territories allowing the burglar to get away. There are words exchanged by the superheroines that aren’t pleasant. Wonder Tomi vows that she will get even with her. Meanwhile we see the Mad Scientist at his lab. Super Gurl flies in to apprehend him, but he is too quick with his device and she is mind fucked into an obedient robot. She is commanded to strip and fondle herself. Wonder Tomi enters and we think she is here to save the day, but what is this….she is part of the scheme? She grabs the ballgag from the Mad Scientist….end of part 1! FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, MIND FUCK, FONDLING, EFFECTS, ROBOTS, BRUNETTE, BLONDE, BOOT FETISH, FORCED STRIPPING, ASIAN, JAPANESE

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