Miss Tiffany is an extreme Wonder Tomi fan. She gets a formula from a seedy scientist that will change her into a Wonder Tomi look-a-like or at least match her powers. All she needs is a piece of Wonder Tomi’s hair which she gets when she follows her into a bathroom. Miss Tiffany tries out the formula and is transformed into a being like Wonder Tomi. Wonder tomi is surprised by a cloth when she enters after a long day of crime fighting. Miss Wonder Tiffany plays with Wonder Tomi’s limp body. She strips her out of her costume so that she can get some souvineers. Wonder Tomi has tape wrapped around her head and mouth and her wrists and ankles are bound in tape. Wonder Tomi remains unaware of what is about to transpire. Wonder Miss Tiffany is going to take Wonder Tomi’s place. What will happen???? FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, FORCED STRIPPING, LIMP FEITSH, LIMP PLAY, TRANSFORMATION, ASIAN, JAPANESE, LONG HAIR, BRUNETTES, HUMILIATION, DOMINATION. BOOT FETISH

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