The Blue Angel vs Captain Steampunk

In this clip Kiki D’aire is the "Blue Angel" a supervillainess, finally escaped from the control of Professor Y and armed with her drugged perfume has been taking it out on the city with a vicious crime spree. But at last she finds out the science superhero Captain Steampunk has found her new lair. She does herself with her entrancing perfume, paying special attention to "the girls" When the captain arrives Blue Angel meekly offers to surrender, asking the Captain if he wants to frisk her as she moves her cape aside to show off her beautiful ass in her tight blue pants. He starts to frisk her but gets distracted, going from patting her down to caressing her beautiful body. She taunts him that it’s getting hard to think… he tries to fight the effects of the drugged perfume but soon is falling under her spell as she takes his gun away from him. Then caressing his nipples she counts him down from 3 to 1 and makes him her super henchman.

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