A new organization arrives in town. They claim to specialize in BDSM, an adult play place. Reporter Ms. Grey aka the Blue Angel, goes in cognito to investigate. She interviews the leader, he leaves but will be right back. She takes the time to call her newspaper editor but doesn’t realize the bad guy hears everything. He pounces on her with a rag. Takes off her high heels & fondles her nylon legs & feet. He ties her up. She wakes & the bad guy tells her she is going to participate in their bondage games tonight. Ms. Grey struggles & finally gets free.She changes into the Blue Angel & off she goes to stop this operation. She enters the play room & gets sealed into it. They can see her on closed circuit Tv monitor & flood the room with K O gas. She is cradle carried & placed on a table then tied to it.Once she wakes her whole body is fondled while she is hand gagged. She is tonights entertainment. The Club’s first Super Heroine. Ragged again & the fun is about to begin. Who can save her now??

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