Vendetta’s Dominance Conclusion

Starring Mandy Taylor as American Avenger & Leslie as VendettaSurely Vendetta did not think she could simply tie up the mighty American Avenger and that would be it. But villains often assume things about the heroines of the League and Vendetta apparently was no different. So when Avenger confronted her she seemed generally surprised again. She dropped to her knees cowering, begging American Avenger not to hurt her. But all is not as it seems and Vendetta is actually setting her own version of a trap for the young American Avenger. That trap is seconds from being sprung on the unsuspecting heroine.So Avenger towered over the cry baby villain. Just as American Avenger was going to say something profound, Vendetta sprang her little trap. With a powerful uppercut, Vendetta caught Avenger between her legs and smashed her sex with a powerful blow. American Avenger screamed in agonizing pain as Vendetta jumped up. Then as American Avenger was doubled over in pain Vendetta hit her with a knee lift to the face. Then the beating was on. Vendetta could be the single greatest fighter the League has to face and American Avenger found out why. Punches, kicks and chokes all hit Avenger until she was out cold!Vendetta was jubilant in her total victory over American Avenger. She glowed with pride over the ease in which she had dispatched the young heroine. So now she took her boots and tapped her up nice and tight. Then she gagged Avenger with a dirty old rag. Finally as the defeated heroine came around, Vendetta stomped her, kicked her and generally made American Avenger’s life suck. After some more verbal abuse Vendetta left American Avenger alone to get free. She let Avenger know where she could find her for another beating. American Avenger got free quickly vowing the next time things would be different!Next time didn’t come around quite as American Avenger had hoped. Vendetta caught her just as she was getting loose. The villains strength was on par with any Avenger had fought and for pure fighting skills Vendetta rivals even a Spartan. So American Avenger was quickly put into several very painful wrestling holds. The mighty heroine struggled but it was useless. Dazed and awash with pain Avenger was scooped up and driven face first into a hair. Then Vendetta, without letting Avenger catch her breath, began to ram her face first into the chair maybe one hundred times in rapid succession. That was the last thing American Avenger remembered before she passed out.The young heroine came around a bit later and found herself bound and gagged in the chair. Vendetta was towering over her laughing. Pointing to a camera Vendetta reminded Avenger that they were live on the internet. Then with her breasts exposed, Vendetta began to abuse, more humiliate then hurt American Avenger. All the time talking into the camera laughing. The little red record button glowed like a giant sun in American Avenger’s eyes as she could do nothing. Finally, to really make this bad, Vendetta began to play with Avenger’s mask. Threatening to remove it. The young heroine now broken began to sob begging Vendetta not to take her mask. After going back and forth, making Avenger sob more Vendetta ripped her mask off live for the world to see! Then as American Avenger cried, Vendetta laughed and walked out of the room. Camera still broadcasting.THE END

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