Water Bomb!

In this exciting clip, Shellene has been researching this mysterious water bomb threatening to destroy major seaside cities and must be stopped! Naturally, a star-spangled costume attire is called for in this matter. She arrives and carefully searches the grounds. Just as she finds the device, the masked villain gets the drop on her and after struggling against his cloth, drops to the floor. While she sleeps away, the masked one takes this rare opportunity to have a little fun with the amazon now sprawled out helplessly before him. He kicks her around a bit, strips her of her golden belts of strength as well as her red and white shiny boots and stomps on her a few times. After waking, he encases her with her own rope and tickle her feet then after the pleasure comes the pain! Taking a ruler, he slaps her on each foot several times before making her go to sleep again. She awakens to find herself alone and remembers his threat to destroy his first city. He MUST be stopped! She scrambles to put on her belt and boots and races to the water. Can she find the water bomb in time?! Only one way to find out!!

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