Wonder Woman Fetish Slave

Wonder Woman Fetish Slave is a 38-minute story that continues the parody that sexualizes the hottest super-heroine character ever, Wonder Woman! Christina Carter embodies every aspect of the Amazonian Princess. When you team her with a Wonder Woman in her own right, Diana Knight the duo makes for an all-star performance. Storyline: Diana Prince is being held as bait to lure Wonder Woman to the Baroness dungeon. While captive she is subjected to repeated electrical shocks. When the Baroness steps out Diana Prince seizes her opportunity to escape and turn the tables on the Baroness. She transforms into Wonder Woman but is defeated without a blow being thrown. The heroines transformation was all caught on camera and Wonder Womans true identity is now the Baronesss to use as backmail. Wonder Woman is frcd to be the Baronesss fetish slave and explore her own secret fetish desires. Clip Contains: damsel-in-distress, rope bondage, cleave gags, electric shock collar, device bondage, super-heroine transformation, lasso of truth, humiliation, foot fetish, de-booting, flogging all set in a great story!

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